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Traditional Festivals in Sapa Viet Nam

Traditional Festivals in Sapa Viet Nam

Which Cong Festival In June lunar year issue, village Hmong, Giay, Dao, Muong Hoa of them gather at the shrine to celebrate Nao Ta Van Cong. Festival pray god bless the harvests, the yen luckily. Not only during the festival, head of also announced the general convention. Ending the festival, everyone together to enjoy traditional dances and folk games and enjoy a fun meal.

1 Year dance festival is an important festival to pray for "the peace of flourishing plants, drinking water, remember its source" organization elaborate on the 1st or 2nd of Lunar New Year. Tet is extremely unique jump by 14 dances with the unique ritual performed by shaman.

Portland Roong Giay ceremony of opening on November Thin, lunar month to pray for good harvests, the yen luckily, good weather. Many years ago, Congress has become the festival's general Muong Hoa valley. In addition to the ceremonial, there are other dancing games, music of drums, gongs, trumpets Pi Crossed extremely active.

Festival to co Sapa - Lao Cai takes place in early spring, the festival of the ethnic Tay, Dao Ban Ho declared Assembly on the morning of the 8th festival. Starting continuous sprinkling of soil, water, and then offered to the gods hewn. Part Assembly began in dances and folk entertainment shows excellent communication of the Dao, Tay. Most notable to mention the many participants fanned screen, when the music sounded Tay girls opened with graceful movements spread to invite people to participate, so wide ring down over the drums, sound helped put the trumpet. There's also some games need organizations 1 throwing, tug of war, beat rotation, push sticks, climbing columns fat...